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Ceramic Coating

Applying a ceramic coating is one of the best ways to protect your car from the various external factors that can cause it damage. After all, so many things can affect your car’s paint job, including mud, grime, the weather, and other vehicles. But what exactly is ceramic coating, and how can it help you protect your car? Let’s take a closer look. 

Before and after photo of a ceramic coating


What is Ceramic Coating

Elevate Your Car's Protection with Ceramic Coating: This innovative liquid nano-coating is expertly engineered to level out the minute imperfections within your paint's clear coat.

While many car owners are familiar with applying traditional wax, it's essential to note that wax typically offers a short-lived shield, lasting only 1-3 months, depending on your vehicle's care routine. In contrast, ceramic coating represents a remarkable advancement in automotive technology, surpassing the capabilities of wax by a considerable margin.

Ceramic Coating is a versatile solution suitable for both new and older vehicles, provided the paint remains in good condition. The imperfections that ceramic coating addresses are not discernible to the naked eye. However, under a microscope, one would observe countless ridges, dips, and valleys in the clear coat. These microscopic irregularities serve as landing zones for contaminants such as dirt, water, mud, dust, and other elements when they come into contact with your vehicle's paint.

Ceramic coating performs a transformative role by effectively smoothing out these surfaces and forming a robust protective layer atop your paint. This layer imparts an exceptional level of slickness and hydrophobic properties to your vehicle's surface. Consequently, your car will remain cleaner for extended periods as these elements encounter significant difficulty adhering to the surface, ensuring a prolonged and stunning appearance.



  • Protection against UV rays: Ceramic coatings protect against the harmful effects of UV rays, which can cause the paint to fade and the clear coat to become dull and brittle.

  • Protection against environmental contaminants: Ceramic coatings provide a barrier against environmental contaminants such as dust, dirt, bird droppings, tree sap, and other substances that can cause damage to the paint and clear coat.

  • Protection against chemical etching: Ceramic coatings protect against chemical etching, which is caused by substances such as acid rain and road salt.

  • Protection against oxidation: Ceramic coatings prevent oxidation, which can cause the paint to become dull and discolored.

  • Protection against scratches and swirl marks: Ceramic coatings provide hardness and durability to the paint, making it less likely to become scratched or marred by swirl marks.

A diagram explaining the effects of coating protection
Effects of water droplets on ceramic coat compared to uncoated


Why Ceramic Coat my vehicle?

Of course, the primary benefit of applying a ceramic coating to your car is that it offers the ultimate protection against the elements. Given how expensive it is to buy a car, investing in a ceramic coating protects the paintwork from scratches, UV rays, mud, and other debris, ensuring that your vehicle looks new for longer. What’s more, when you apply a ceramic coating, it’s much easier to clean and maintain your vehicle, thanks to the bond that is formed on top of the paint. 

Once applied, the ceramic coating is transparent and enhances the reflective properties of your car’s paint, which creates a glossy look that adds to your vehicle from an aesthetic standpoint. Another advantage is that ceramic coating prevents oxidation, which offers further protection for your vehicle’s paint job, protecting it against fading and damage. Finally, the liquid polymer that exists within a ceramic coating makes your car’s paint hydrophobic, meaning that it repels water. As a result, mud, grime, and dirt slide off your vehicle easily, making life easier when it comes to cleaning your car.


How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last

We offer the following protection:

  • Two year

  • Five year

  • Nine year

The choice and investment is yours.​

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Before and after photo of a ceramic coating
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