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The top-rated mobile car detailing service in Oakland Park. We bring our services to your location!



How Our Oakland Park Car Detailing Service Works


Book online, fast & easy!

View our live Oakland Park auto detailing schedule and select your preferred date and time.


We come to you

Skip the hassle and save time. Our Oakland Park-based detailers provide insured pick-up, detail your car at our shop, and then securely drop it back at your location.


Job done right

Your car will look brand new again without you having to leave the comfort of your Oakland Park home or office!


Your feedback

Your feedback is crucial to our success. Positive reviews enhance our reputation and drive our growth.

We Detail In Any Weather!


For those who prefer ultimate convenience, we bring our expertise directly to your location, whether it's home or office


Our responsibility matches our commitment to quality; we are fully insured and licensed,

providing our clients with peace in safe hands, regardless of their options.

It's all about making vehicle detailing as convenient and worry-free as possible, and that's why our clients love what we do.

Get Your Car Cleaned with Oakland Park’s Top-Rated Mobile Car Detailing Service

  • Booking made easy: Enjoy a seamless, user-friendly booking process and flexibility in scheduling.

  • Professionalism at its finest: Our team brings top-notch service, products and equipment to every job.

  • Environmentally conscious: We use non-toxic products and high-grade machinery to ensure quality and safety.

  • Quality assurance: We stand behind our work with a money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

  • Your opinion matters: We value client feedback and continually strive to exceed expectations.

What People Are Saying About Us

All-Weather Oakland Park Car Detailing Services for Your Convenience

Experience the ease of Oakland Park Car Detailing tailored to your convenience. Our mobile car detailing service provides unmatched convenience and quality, regardless of the weather.

Professional Oakland Park Detailing Services

Car salt stain removal

Complete car interior vacuuming

Car leather cleaning and conditioning

Hot water shampooing


SUV car detailing

Sedan car detailing

Complete car steam cleaning

Surface cleaning and interior vinyl car polishing

Decluttering and garbage removal

Rubber mat and carpet mat cleaning

Minivan car detailing

Pickup truck car detailing


We're your nearest mobile car detailing service in Oakland Park. Save time by having us come to you.

Interior Car Detailing in Oakland Park

Interior of a car

Discover Oakland Park's premier mobile car detailing service, Mobile Detail Squad. Our skilled team provides a range of services, including steam cleaning, salt stain removal, vacuuming, shampooing, leather conditioning, and interior car polishing. Renew your vehicle's appearance and comfort with our complete car detailing solutions. Safeguard your car's value from dirt and salt damage—rely on Mobile Detail Squad for top-tier maintenance. Book your appointment now for the ultimate auto detailing in Oakland Park.

Exterior Car Detailing in Oakland Park

Unlock the Best Exterior Car Detailing in Oakland Park: Our Expert Team Employs Premium Products, such as Ceramic Coating and Tire Shine, for a Comprehensive Vehicle Revitalization. Experience Our Specialized Exterior Car Detailing Services Today, and Treat Your Car to the Ultimate Shine and Protection It Truly Deserves.

Picture of the front hood of a car

Oakland Park Car Detailing with Steam

Before and after of an interior carpet cleaning

Experience the best steam car detailing in Oakland Park with Mobile Detail Squad. Our steam cleaning process is designed to revive your vehicle and protect it from the harsh Oakland Park elements. Using powerful, commercial-grade Italian steam cleaners, we sanitize every inch of your car, tackling upholstery stains, cup holder grime, and hard-to-reach corners. Imagine the satisfaction of seeing all the dirt and grime vanish into thin air while you relax at home or work. Step into your car after a full steam cleaning and experience the ultimate freshness. Trust Mobile Detail Squad to make your car look and feel brand new with our exceptional steam car detailing service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile Car Detailing in Oakland Park?

Experience Oakland Park's top-tier mobile car detailing: a comprehensive service that delivers a high-quality car wash and detailing right to your doorstep, ensuring your vehicle looks brand new.

Difference Between Mobile Detailing and Regular Car Wash in Oakland Park?

Dive deep into the distinction: while a typical car wash in Oakland Park offers basic exterior cleaning, our mobile detailing services ensure a meticulous interior and exterior transformation, rejuvenating your car's pristine look.

Duration of a Mobile Detailing Service in Oakland Park?

Wondering about the time investment? Our premium mobile car detailing in Oakland Park usually takes between 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on your vehicle's needs and the selected package.

Water or Electricity Requirements in Oakland Park?

Stay hassle-free with our Oakland Park-based fully-equipped team! Our professional mobile detailers bring their own water and, electricity supply, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted service.

Is Mobile Detailing in Oakland Park Safe for Car Paint?

Preserve your car's lustrous shine with confidence in Oakland Park! Our expert mobile detailing employs the finest quality products, ensuring the utmost safety and radiance for your car's paint.

Presence Required During Detailing in Oakland Park?

Enjoy flexibility with our services in Oakland Park. While our trusted mobile car detailing team works magic on your vehicle, your presence isn't mandatory.

Detailing for Different Vehicle Types in Oakland Park?

From RVs to motorcycles, our versatile mobile detailing services in Oakland Park cater to a diverse range of vehicle types, ensuring each gets the specialized attention it deserves.

Recommended Frequency for Car Detailing in Oakland Park?

To maintain that showroom shine in Oakland Park, experts suggest treating your vehicle to our specialized mobile detailing every 3 to 6 months.

Service Guarantees in Oakland Park?

Your satisfaction is paramount in Oakland Park! Our reputable mobile car detailing offers unparalleled guarantees, ensuring every corner of your vehicle sparkles to perfection.

Products Used in Mobile Detailing in Oakland Park?

In Oakland Park, we pride ourselves on using environmentally friendly and top-grade professional car detailing products, guaranteeing the best care for your vehicle.

Stain and Blemish Removal Capabilities in Oakland Park?

Our seasoned mobile detailers in Oakland Park are equipped with advanced techniques to tackle even the most stubborn stains, striving to restore your car's immaculate appearance.

Cost of Mobile Car Detailing in Oakland Park?

Looking for affordable luxury in Oakland Park? Our mobile detailing services offer competitive prices based on your vehicle's size and the unique services you require.

Insurance Coverage in Oakland Park?

Rest easy in Oakland Park knowing our professional mobile car detailing services come with comprehensive insurance, safeguarding your prized vehicle.

Advance Scheduling for Regular Detailing in Oakland Park?

Elevate your car care routine in Oakland Park by booking regular appointments or exploring our exclusive subscription packages for consistent premium detailing.

mobile detail squad (2).jpeg

Oakland Park Auto Detailing

Discover the best auto detailing in Oakland Park with our comprehensive range of services. At Auto Detailing Oakland Park, we pride ourselves on using the power of steam to deliver superior results. Our professional auto detailers are equipped with the most advanced techniques and equipment to ensure a top-notch experience for your vehicle. Whether you need car detailing, mobile car detailing, or auto detailing services, our team is here to provide an exceptional #MobileDetail experience. Don't wait any longer to rejuvenate your vehicle – book an appointment with us today!

Every Car Detailing Includes

With our professional-grade diesel-powered steam machine, experience the next level of interior car cleaning. Here's what our top interior service includes:

Deep Steam Cleaning:

  • Disinfect and sanitize all surfaces with steam, effectively killing 99.9% of bacteria and eliminating dust and allergens

  • Interior Steam Cleaning of All Trim & Panels

  • Cracks & Crevices Steam Cleaned or Air Blown Out


Comprehensive Interior Steam Vacuuming:

  •  Steam penetrates deep into fabric fibres, lifting dirt, dust, and grime while we thoroughly vacuum every nook and cranny.

Fabric Seats Steam Cleaned:

  • Steam can help loosen and lift stubborn stains from fabrics, making them easier to remove.

  • The moisture from steam evaporates much faster than traditional water-based cleaning methods, allowing for quicker drying times.

  • Steam helps to fluff up and rejuvenate fabric fibres, restoring their natural look and feel.

Carpet & Mat Shampooing:​

  • Lift and extract stubborn dirt, grime, and stains from upholstery and carpets.

  • Deep wet-steam extraction to remove ground-in dirt, sand, and other contaminants.

  • Floor Carpets Steam Shampooed

  • Customized Spot Treatments:

  • Tackling any stubborn stains or problem areas according to the vehicle's needs.

  • Leather Cleaning/Treatment:

  • Leather seats are steam cleaned to remove grime and dirt.

  • Conditioning to restore the natural shine and suppleness.

Dashboard & Console Detailing:

  • Dusting and cleaning to remove fingerprints and smudges.

  • Vinyl protection to prevent sun damage.

Door Jams & Sills:

  • Steam clean and wipe down to remove grime and buildup.

Vinyl Dressing Applied:

  • Vinyl protection was added to all panels and trim.


Window & Mirror Cleaning:

  • Streak-free shine, ensuring clear visibility and an immaculate look.


Rubber Mats Cleaned:

  • Rubber mats get scrubbed and washed


Trunk/Cargo Area Detailing:

  • Vacuuming, steam cleaning, and treatment for any specific stains or residues.

Final Inspection:

In this package, we try to get your vehicle to new or almost new condition. Ensuring every nook and cranny meets our high standards.

Client walk-through to guarantee satisfaction.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle's interior is not only spotless but also sanitary. Experience the difference!


  • Excessive Pet Hair: $45

  • Headliner (interior roof): $50

  • Headlight Restoration: $80

  • Hand Wash and Wax: $60 (sedan), $80(SUV), $80(Truck/van)

  • Ozone Treatment (heavy odour removal): $95

  • Leather Seat Coating ( easier to clean seats & protects leather seats from UV rays & cracking for up to 2 years): $149.99(sedan), $169.99 (2row SUV), $179.99 (Truck), $189.99 (3row SUV/Van)

Overall, a fresh, clean, new-looking car with no harmful bacteria lingering that could affect your health!

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